The challenges posed by the implementation of inclusive education are one of the current tasks of professional activity for teachers, university lecturers, and education policy makers in the European Union and abroad. Despite the international community’s determined efforts to integrate, some countries still face difficulties and obstacles in obtaining quality education for the welfare state of children and young people in the country. This fact confirms that the need to implement inclusive education does not diminish the need for a systemic approach to tackling social exclusion caused by barriers to education. We’d like to inform you that from 2019 till 2021 a team of researchers from the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia in cooperation with partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Belgium has implemented the project “MyHUB – a one-stop-shop on inclusion practices, tools, resources and methods for the pedagogical staff at formal and non-formal educational institutions” (604454-EPP-1-2018-1-LV-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN). Free resources were prepared. We hope you find them useful.

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