The publisher Springer has published the open access science monograph “Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding”, which is one of the future results of a wide-ranging and ambitious project for the development of cultural literacy of children and youth in schools. The book brings to the fore intercultural dialogue, reasoning, becoming a European citizen and mutual understanding.

The published monography analyses  the themes of this unique interdisciplinary project, bringing together psychologists, sociocultural literacy researchers, cultural and linguistic researchers, digital teaching and citizenship education experts. The book is available on the Springer Publishers page.

The research group of VU Institute of Educational Science (Dr. Sandra Kairė, Dr. Lilija Duoblienė, Dr. Irena Zaleskienė), working in the first stage of the research, sought answers to the questions of the role of social responsibility in cultural literacy education in European countries / project partner schools and how this concept reflected in key education policy documents. This is described in the section “Social Responsibility Through the Lens of an Agenda for Cultural Literacy Learning: Analyzes of National Education Policy Documentation” prepared and published in a scientific monography.

You can read the full VU research section here: