The EERA Summer School 2022 will be held 11 – 15 July 2022 at the University of Porto, Portugal. The theme of EERSS 2022 is „Research design from scratch: Making sense of the whats, whos and hows of your investigation”. 

The ERRA summer school  invites 60 – 70 doctoral students to apply to  five-day Summer School 11 – 15 July 2022 on the topic „Research design from scratch: Making sense of the whats, whos and hows of your investigation“.   The deadline for applications is from 2021 November 16 until 2022 January 31. 

The EERA Summer School 2022 aims to support doctoral students in their efforts to develop research from scratch: from an idea to a solid project. This implies understanding the process of research design as a framework – supported by theory and epistemology – that guides methodological decisions, ensuring that the evidence collected really answers the research questions.  The Summer School will create spaces to share, discuss and debate, allowing emerging researchers to interact with each other and with more experienced researchers, taking their own ideas as the point of departure for collaborative joint learning regarding the practices, the problems and the challenges of research-in-the-making. Tutors will include members from the four research centers – CIIE, CIEd, CIDTDFF and CEAD – as well as international researchers who will share their expertise and experiences on a wide range of educational and social issues across all education sectors, from early years to higher education and adult education. 

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