At the end of 2020, the OECD, UNESCO and the Teacher Task Force launched a campaign to hear from teachers around the world about their experience of teaching during the pandemic. We asked them to send in videos describing how they adapted to the crisis, and many wonderful and fascinating insights were shared. These are now publicly available in the OECD Global Teaching InSights platform

To build on this extraordinary work by teachers, we are hosting a series of interactive virtual Conversations on Teaching During Covid-19. Each conversation will bring together a panel of teachers around a common theme to talk more about the challenges they faced and how they have responded in innovative ways.

If you are a teacher or school leader, we invite you join us in these conversations and take part in a deeper discussion on the innovations we saw from teachers around the world. 

Each conversation will be hosted on Zoom Meeting and will be fully interactive, with all participants encouraged to join the discussion. 

·       8 April – Conversation 1: Learning continuity and innovative pedagogy (hosted by UNESCO). Register here.

·       15 April – Conversation 2: Social-emotional support in a time of crisis (hosted by UNESCO). Register here.

·       22 April – Conversation 3: Building a stronger profession together (hosted by the OECD). Register here.