LERA Aim and Objectives

LERA aim

To bring together Lithuanian educational research specialists, to join their efforts in improving educational research, implementing and promoting best practices in education and training, expanding similar relations with international organizations.

LERA objectives

To create a system of accumulation, analysis and dissemination of educational research experience in Lithuania and foreign countries.
To promote collaboration between Lithuanian universities and other higher education and research institutions in organising and improving educational research:

  • with education policy makers, the government and various foundations;
  • with educational research associations in other countries and the European Association for Educational Research with a view to collective membership of the latter;
  • with researchers from other sciences.

Initiate and support educational research relevant to Lithuania and the international scientific community.
To help create a culture of independent educational research.
To promote discussions on the quality, objectives, content and methodology of educational research.
To organise conferences, symposia, seminars and other events.
To organize other activities that comply with the goals and objectives of LETA and do not contradict the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, these statutes and other legal acts.
To contribute to the better training of researchers delving into educational research and to protect their rights and work towards better working conditions.
To organise the publication of literature informing about the latest educational research in Lithuania and abroad.