LERA membership

LERA membership is open to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and foreigners who are permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania, who are 18 years of age or older, who accept LERA’s statutes, who are actively involved in educational research, and who pay LERA’s membership fees. The LERA membership fee payment procedure can be found here: https://lera.lt/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/LETA-nario-mokescio-mokejimo-tvarka.pdf  LERA’s statutes can be found here: LERA statutes. The registration form is available here: https://lera.lt/produktas/leta-naryste-2024-metams/Important:  If you already have an account, please do not enter your details in the second step, but instead click Sign in to proceed. If the LETA membership fee is paid by the institution, please contact Aida Kairiene at [email protected] for invoices.

Members who are paid by institutions must also register as LERA members: https://lera.lt/produktas/leta-naryste-2024-metams/. When registering, select “membership already paid” in the section “Choose the amount of the membership fee” in the first order form ” and in the “Payment details” section, select “No invoice required”, as the invoice will be issued to the institution.

. If the LERA fee is paid by the institution, please contact Aida Kairienė for invoices by e-mail : [email protected]

Members paid by institutions must also register at:  https://lera.lt/produktas/leta-naryste-2024-metams/

LERA annual membership fee is 20€ (10€ for PhD students and lecturers in higher education who do not hold a PhD). Seniors are not obliged to pay a membership fee, but may do so voluntarily.

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