We invite you to submit applications for the 2022 Meilė Lukšienė Prize contest. 

Works  are accepted until the 1st of   October, 2022.

The Meilė Lukšienė Prize was established in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of dr Meilė Lukšienė (1913-2009), a scholar, member of the Lithuanian Reorganization Movement ” Sąjūdis”  initiative group, and a pioneer of the Lithuanian educational reform, both nationally and internationally.

The prize contest  takes place every four years and is organised by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, in accordance with the regulations approved by the Presidium of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (current version: 05 July 2022). The winners of the Meilė Lukšienė Prize are prof. habil. dr. Marija Barkauskaitė (2014), assoc. prof.  Ramutė Bruzgelevičienė (2018).

The aim of the Prize is to promote the implementation of the ideas of Lithuanian culture and education put forward by habil. dr. Meilė Lukšienė and to recognise the most outstanding works of research and experimental (cultural and social) development in education, cultural studies and Lithuanian studies in Lithuania.

The prize may be awarded to an individual scholar/teacher/researcher or to a team of scholars/teachers.

Candidates for the Prize may be nominated by senates of Lithuanian higher education institutions, academic councils and/or research councils of research institutes, and associations of scientists.

Documents are submitted through the electronic application registration system at: https://konkursai.lma.lt
The Regulations of the competition are available at lma.lt

More information : http://www.lma.lt/news/1620/38/Skelbiamas-2022-metu-Meiles-Luksienes-premijos-konkursas