We are deeply saddened and disturbed by the events in Ukraine and we would like to extend our sincere support, sympathy and solidarity to all those whose lives are impacted.  We urge an immediate end to the violence being experienced by the people of Ukraine and the re-establishment of peace. EERA as an Association stands for cooperation, free discourse and free exchange of knowledge and experience.  Our claim is and has always been to foster high quality educational research for the benefit of education and society.

We strongly believe that this mission is best achieved in peaceful and non-violent surroundings. We are therefore deeply concerned about  the current events in Ukraine, and we hereby declare our sincere solidarity with and support for our research colleagues in the Ukraine, including their friends, families and wider communities. In our Council we bring together over 40 associations from North to South and East to West of Europe and we wish to be able to work for and strengthen the mutual exchange for the benefit of education of our respective societies and for what we feel are our joint European values. As an Association we will continue to provide a forum to advocate for peace and to look for practical ways to assist our colleagues in Ukraine.