The international ERRA conference in Glasgow took place from 21 th to 25 th in August, 2023. Emerging Researchers’ Conference was held  from 21th to 22th in August, 2023. The European Conference on Educational Research took place from 22th to 25th in August, 2023. A group of researchers from Lithuania attended the conferences.

LERA representatives meeting with the main organiser of the conference, EERA Board Member, Professor dr. Stephen McKinnley of Glasgow University.

A group of LERA members at the opening of the conference.

At the conference, we met colleagues from the Ukrainian Educational Research Association. They thanked us for our support in this difficult time of war. They were pleased that the unrestricted financial support of LERA members was very helpful for them to come to Glasgow for the conference.

EERA president Joe O’Hara opens the conference in the prestigious Glasgow University Palace.

Marit Honerod Hoveid, EERA’s new president, takes office. One of the first trips of the new president is planned to Lithuania for the anniversary conference of our Association.

The EERA president provides background information on the conference. Around 3500 education researchers attended. It was the largest EERA conference in its history. And the largest conference of education researchers in Europe. These figures are a testimony to EERA prestige and status among European educational researchers.

Information on the participation of the EERA Network of Emerging Researchers in the conference.

This conference was Joe O’Hara’s last event as EERA president. He completed his 5-year term as president.