Spring 2024 “Methodological Snacks”.


We are kindly invite youto attend the Spring 2024 “Methodological Snacks” seminars.

The Institute of Educational Research (Academy of Education, Vytautas Magnus University) is continuing its activities to develop competences in research methodology and to contribute to the quality of the research it carries out through a series of seminars on research methodology – the “Methodological Snacks”.

What a strange name, you might think:). Well, the metaphor ” snacks” was chosen not by chance. It is associated with a typical image, multi-layeredness, optimal time for eating and satiety.

The “Methodological Snacks” proposed by the Educational Research Institute are:

Multilayered – the workshops are versatile, as they are oriented towards diverse audiences, inviting participants from the social sciences, humanities, health sciences, and arts, who are empirically researching various phenomena;

Optimal timing – the seminars are short, with a duration of four astronomical hours per seminar;

High quality – the workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (scientists, PhD students) with international and national experience;

Innovative – the topics of the seminars are novelties related to practical methodological steps in empirical research;

Value for money – seminar leaders share their intellectual assets, which are valued with sensitivity to the multi-layered nature of the audience.

Seminars will be held in Lithuanian.

Here you will find a list of the “Methodological Snacks” with presenters, titles, dates, description of the content of the workshop, price and registration for each workshop.

List of Spring 2024 Methodological Snacks

We invite you to actively register!


Registration is done for each workshop separately.

Participants will receive a formal certificate with a formal value of 0.15 ECTS, attesting their professional development and/or training in research methodology (Masters, PhD students).

The person is registered when the registration fee is paid.

After making the transfer, please send a copy of the payment to [email protected].

Requisites for payment:


Recipient’s account. No. LT917044060003105370

Payment purpose: “ETI Seminars 2024, name of seminar, date of seminar”

Communication contact: [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you on your learning journey!

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