The EERA Summer School will be held on the 26 – 30 of  June  in 2023. The EERA Summer School 2023 “Participatory approaches in educational research” aims to support doctoral students interested in bringing participants’ voices and actions to the core of educational research. This implies a diversification of research methods, but also a careful consideration of the ethics of research, and a continuous critical vigilance over the power of educational research and researchers. 

The Summer School will create spaces to share, discuss and debate, allowing emerging researchers to interact with each other and with more experienced researchers, taking their own ideas as the point of departure for collaborative joint learning regarding the practices, the problems, and the challenges of participatory research-in-the-making. Tutors will include members from the four research centers – CIIE, CIEd, CIDTFF and CEAD – as well as international researchers who will share their expertise and experiences on a wide range of educational and social issues across all education sectors, from early years to higher education and adult education.

15 November 2022 – 31 January 2023 

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1 March 2023
2 March – 15 April 2023
Summer School
26 – 30 June 2023