LETA 2023 konferencija

Congratulations to the new doctor Dovilė Lisauskienė on successfully defending her  doctoral  thesis A Grounded Theory of Socio-Education Through Recreation for Disadvantaged Young People (Educational Science  (S 007), scientific supervisor – prof. dr. Lilija Duoblienė) and after acquiring  doctoral degree  of  Social Sciences in the field of Educational Science.
The dissertation can be viewed at Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian National M. Mažvydas Library. The dissertation can be viewed at 11 Studentų St., Academy, district Kaunas.

A short annotation of doctoral thesis is presented below.

The dissertation reveals the process of socio-education through recreation for young people with fewer opportunities in  non- formal (leisure) environment. The theoretical part of the dissertation analyses the phenomenon of recreation in the socio-educational discourse. Following Crompton’s Evolutionary Pyramid of Benefits, the aspects of recreation as a recognised social value are emphasised. Based on the social constructionist paradigm, the importance of the social environment for the process of socio-education through recreation is highlighted. The socio-educational transformation of recreational content is analysed in the context of the free education paradigm, using the dimension of informal learning. The chapter concludes with the empirical research finding: a new grounded socio-educational theory of the “Invisible Hand” is constructed, the functioning of which is explained by means of Smith’s theory of the “Invisible Hand”.
The methodological part introduces the research strategy of the constructivist grounded theory, identifies the formal and subjective choices of the research strategy, discusses the process of the research: the criteria for the selection of research participants, presents the rationale for data collection, describes the integration of memories in the analysis of the results, introduces the quality assurance of the research results, discusses the ethics of the research, and identifies the study limitations.
The empirical part describes the constructed grounded theory, the ‘Invisible Hand’ socio-educational theory, which reveals the visible process factors and the invisible process of socio-education through recreation.

Dissertation Defense Council:

Chair – prof. habil. dr. Vilma Žydžiūnaitė, social sciences, education S 007, Vytautas Magnus University.
Prof. dr. Eglė Stasiūnaitienė, social sciences, education S 007, Vytautas Magnus University,
dr. Vaida Jurgilė, Social Sciences, Education S 007, Vytautas Magnus University,
Prof. dr. Remigijus Bubnys, Social Sciences, Education S 007, Vilnius University, Šiauliai Academy,
Assoc. prof. dr. Tomas Butvilas, Social Sciences, Education S 007, Mykolas Romeris University.