Lietuvos edukacinių tyrimų asociacija

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Adresas: H. Manto 84, LT-92294 Klaipėda

Invitation 2019


III Conference of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association (LERA)

III Conference of Doctoral Students in Education

Lithuanian Educational Research Association, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania, Department of Languages and Education of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences invite to participate in the conference “Ideas for the Future of Education”. The conference will take place in Kaunas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences on the 11-12th of October in   2019.  Contact person – Ramunė Masaitytė (LERA, LHSU) e-mail:, tel. +37064618175


 3rd of June –  registration starts.
15th of September – registration ends.
15th of September -registration of presentation and round table topics, and summaries (up to 900 characters) end.
1 st of October – announcement of the conference program.
11-12th of October-  conference.


You can find the registration form here. After filling it in, please send an e-mail. p.

Conference sections.

The title of each section identifies the subtopic of the conference and the corresponding area of announcements  and discussions:

  1. Higher Education and Vocational Training –chair prof.dr. R.Brunevičiūtė,
  2. General Education – chair   prof. dr. A. Kazlauskienė,
  3. Pre-school and general Education – chair  doc. dr. G. Šmitienė,
  4. Inclusion Education– chair  prof. A. Galkienė,
  5. Arts education – chair  prof. dr. R. Girdzijauskienė,
  6. Lifelong Learning – chair  prof.  habil. dr. P. Jucevičienė,
  7. Teachers’ Professional Development –  chair  prof. dr. G. Gedvilienė,
  8. Social Education – chair doc. dr. E.  Štuopytė,
  9. Sports Education  – chair  prof. dr. A. Šarkauskienė,
  10. History of Education – chair   doc. dr. I.Stonkuvienė,
  11. Education Management and Leadership  – chair  prof. dr. B. Janiūnaitė,
  12. Research Methodology  – chair  prof. dr. L. Rupšienė,
  13. Education Philosophy and Education Policy – chair  prof. dr. L. Duoblienė,



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