On  the 26 of June, 2024, the XXXIV Education Forum-Discussion “What to Expect from Doctoral Studies?”  was held. The Forum-Discussion addressed the following questions:

  • Why choose a PhD?
  • What to expect from PhD studies?
  • What are the challenges of doing a PhD?
  • How to write a PhD thesis in 4 years?
  • How to get a PhD

Viktorija Voidogaitė (PhD student at VU Institute of Educational Sciences), Daiva Bartnikienė (PhD student at VMU Academy of Education), Danguolė Šakalytė (PhD student at MRU Faculty of Human and Society Studies), Brigita Miseliūnaitė (PhD student at KTU Doctor of Educational Studies) shared their experience and insights. The forum-discussion was moderated by doctoral student Vaiva Juškienė (LERA Doctoral Student Network Chair).