On  the  23 th of November, 2023  the XXIX Education Forum “How Do We Prepare Teachers For an Uncertain Future?” was held. The following  announcements  were presented : “Teacher Training in the Face of Global Education” (Dr. Sandra Kairė, associate professor of Vilnius University); “Teacher and Artificial Intelligence: Reject-Accept-Use” (Dr. Judita Kasperiūnienė, Associate Professor of Vytautas Magnus University); “Empowering Teachers as Researchers: Convergence of Studies and Scientific Research” (Dr. Berita Simonaitienė, associate professor of Kaunas University of Technology); “Between Today’s Reality and Future Aspirations: Challenges of Pedagogical Practice” (Dr. Vaiva Juškienė, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Vilnius College).

“The Power of the Community of Teachers: Sharing, Learning, Growth” (Dr. Eglė Pranckūnienė, founder of the “Choose to Teach” program, Artur Adam Markevič, head of the “Choose to Teach program); “Creative Teacher and Creative Personality. What to Prioritize? (Dr. Rūta Girdzijauskienė, LMTA professor). The presentations were followed by a discussion. The forum was moderated by dr. Nijolė Putrienė (as director of the Pedagogical Staff Department of the National Education Agency) and dr. Aida Norvilienė (associate professor of Klaipėda University). The full forum recording on YouTube is available here: https://youtu.be/pP97HL7X6wk