On the 26th of  January in 2023, 3.00 p.m.- 5.00  p.m. we are kindly invite researchers, PhD students, lecturers, educational and social policy makers, and all those who are interested in changes that ensure equality for people with disabilities in our society.

Key-note speaker prof. dr. Ingrida Baranauskienė

Ingrida Baranauskienė is a professor at Klaipėda University, Head of the Department of Social Work, who focuses on disability research related to the professional career development of people with disabilities and the training of professionals to work with such people.  Doctor of Education (2003); Habilitation (2008); Honorary Professor at the University of “Ukraine” (Ukraine) (2012). Expert of the Lithuanian Research Council project “Lithuanistika” (expert review of scientific articles). A member of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association, European Educational Research Association. An expert of the research project INOSOCTEREHI of the Republic of Latvia NRP “Innovative solutions for social tele-rehabilitation in the schools of Latvian the context of inclusive education” (2016). Since 20th of  October, 2016. She was appointed as an expert in the field of pedagogy for a maximum period of three years by decision No. 3-3-1 of the Latvian Research Council of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.


In recent years, she has held fellowships at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (14-29 January 2019), the University of Hong Kong, China (9-26 November 2018), and the Ohio State University, USA (06-21 May 2018). She has shared his experience at universities in Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia and Kazakhstan. I. Baranauskienė systematically initiates and carries out international and national projects on the above-mentioned research topics. She has summarised her research in four scientific monographs (three of them with co-authors), over 150 scientific and scholarly publications, has authored two textbooks for higher education institutions, and has co-authored several scientific studies and educational books. Together with her co-authors, she has written 8 vocational training textbooks aimed not only at imparting vocational knowledge, but also at developing life skills of persons with disabilities. She has been Editor-in-Chief of a Web of Science™ Core Collection indexed scientific journal for many years and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. Her recent research has been summarised in a number of scientific papers:
Baranauskienė, I. (2020). Teisės į sveikatos priežiūrą paradoksas. Monografija. [The Paradox of the Right to Health Care. Monograph]. Klaipėda, 510 p. file:///C:/Users/svmf/Downloads/70383276%20(2).pdf.
Baranauskienė, I. (2021). Vaikų, turinčių negalią, diskriminacijos raiška Lietuvos sveikatos priežiūros sistemoje. Specialusis ugdymas. [Manifestation  of Discrimination Against Children With Disabilities in the Lithuanian Health Care System. Special Education], Vol. 1, No. 42, pp. 99-136. https://www.zurnalai.vu.lt/special-education/issue/view/1964.
Baranauskienė, I. (2021). Negalia ir sveikatos priežiūra. Vadovėlis. [Disability and Health Care. Textbook]. Klaipėda, 166 p.
Baranauskienė, I. (2021). Postpozityvistinė prieiga negalios tyrimuose. [Post-Positivist Approach in Disability Research]. Klaipėda. 227 p.

Date 26th of January, 2023
Time 3.00 – 5.00 p.m.
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Introduction dr. Alvyra Galkienė, Professor, Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Education
dr. Rita Vaičekauskaitė, Chief Researcher, Klaipėda University Health Research and Innovation Science Centre, Professor
Forum programme
Key-note “What do We  Learn from Disability Research?”
dr. Ingrida Baranauskienė, Professor, Department of Social Work, Faculty of Health Sciences, Klaipėda University
Participants of the discussion: 
Discussion dr. Laima Tomėnienė, Associate Professor, Šiauliai Academy of Vilnius University
dr. Irena Leliūgienė, Affiliated Professor, Mykolas Romeris University
Ana Staševičienė, President of the Multiple Sclerosis Society “Feniksai”
dr. Ieva Kuginytė-Arlauskienė, Associate Professor, Faculty of Teacher Education, Culture and Sport, Norwegian University of Applied Sciences
Jurgita Čiuladaitė-Pritulskienė, Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania Targeted Assistance Group Senior Advisor
Lina Gulbinė, Head of the Programme Monitoring and Control Unit, Department of Disability Affairs
Conclusion dr. Alvyra Galkienė, Professor, Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Education
dr. Rita Vaičekauskaitė, Chief Researcher, Klaipėda University Health Research and Innovation Science Centre, Professor
Contact information:  [email protected], tel. 8 686 39 529;
ingrida.baranauskienė@ku.lt, tel. 8 675 50 402.

During the forum will be translation into sign language. 
The forum is organised by LERA and the Department of Social Work of Klaipėda University. During the Forum, filming and photography will take place. The material will be hosted on the Yuotube Ministry of Education, Science and Sport channel, LERA website, Education News and other dissemination channels.