VU FSF Institute of Educational Sciences Conference 2023: „Transformations in Education Policy and Culture: Teacher Education and School Creation in the Anthropocene“.
On May 25-26, the International Research-Practical Conference „Transformations in Education Policy and Culture: Teacher Education and School Creation in the Anthropocene“ will be organized by the Institute of Educational Sciences of Vilnius. University.

The conference aims to identify the factors of education policy and culture that influence current educational realities and consider how these factors transform education policy and culture. The conference also seeks to explore how education policymakers, educational science researchers, teacher trainers, and educational practitioners can contribute to solving problems in general education schools in the Anthropocene epoch and raise questions about the challenges awaiting education in the future.
The international conference will address the future of general education in the Anthropocene, the development of inclusive learning, STEAM and other didactics, teacher training policies and practices, and other relevant issues. In addition, plenary presentations will be given by researchers from the Institute of Educational Sciences and the Šiauliai Academy, as well as guests from the universities of Dublin, Utrecht, Granada, and Leipzig.
More information about the international conference:
There is no participation fee.
Optimization of the network of higher education institutions and improvement of the quality of studies by merging Šiauliai University and Vilnius University” No. 09.3.1-ESFA-V-738-03-0001. The project is funded by the European Social Fund.