15 Lithuanian PhD students and researchers, together with colleagues from Latvia and Estonia, are participating in the European Educational Research Association (EERA) seminar on academic writing at the University of Latvia, Riga. The seminar is led by professor Stephen McKinney from the University of Glasgow and Dr Céline Healy from the University of Meinut. The seminar takes place in the new complex of the University of Latvia – a very modern and impressive architectural complex. The workshop teaches how to create a personal publication plan, how to understand and take into account the requirements of different journals, how to structure an article, how to take into account the comments of reviewers, etc. New publication trends are discussed (e.g. rejection of publications that use qualitative content analysis without explaining the type of content, publications on educational content, educational leadership, inclusive education, etc. must be based on the latest policy documents and research, as these are the fastest changing and most likely to be outdated topics). New professional friendships and partnerships are forgeding during the workshop.