The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports provides to consider the Digital Education Transformation (EdTech) project of the Education Development Program Progress Facility, presents indicators of what digital progress we need to make by 2030. Comments and suggestions are welcome until March 4.

Education Development Program Progress Facility  is planned to strengthen the digital competences of teachers and lecturers, to create new learning sources and tools.

New digital teaching tools should be developed in the context of updated curricula and be accessible, adaptable to the diverse needs of students and teachers, inclusive, motivating and conducive to higher outcomes.

In addition, there is a need to support and strengthen teachers’ competencies so that they can use digital technologies in a targeted way to teach a particular subject, learn about new tools, new methods and be able to use them effectively during lessons.

The Progress Measure and Indicators of the Education Development Program are available in more detail  here

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