The International Summer School for Qualitative Research 2024 will take place at Vytautas Magnus University from 26-28 June 2024, via online. 

This year we are celebrating sixth year anniversary of​​the Annual International Summer School on Qualitative Research 2024 at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. This scientific event, like every year, is the result of cooperation with the School of Social Research.

Every year we receive participants from Europe, Asia, America, Australia. Internationality and scientific expertise are part of the reputation of our summer school.

We have a very strong tradition – we invite scientists with an exceptionally high scientific international reputation , who have many years of expertise in working with a specific qualitative research methodology. Our summer school has also other specifics – the material is never repeated and it is not focused on the basic level. Therefore, we invite applied researchers, scientists and doctoral students to learn together and co-create through their learning.

Being together and having different levels of understanding and skills in a specific methodology, the participants have the opportunity to exchange their experiences, discuss, and make intellectual decisions. There is always a direct opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from a specific scientist.

This year there will be three full days of intensive learning. On the first day, experts in qualitative research methodology will give lectures, and on the second and third days, there will be half-day seminars dedicated specifically to qualitative research methodology, where you will acquire knowledge and intellectual skills that textbooks do not emphasize.

This year, a novelty awaits you – we are starting the path of learning phenomenology methodology. This is the first year that this methodology will be incorporated into the summer school program. We are particularly proud of that.

This year, four scientists will share their experiences with you:

Grounded theory – Professor PhD Antony Bryant from Leeds Becket University, UK / Educational Research Institute, Vytatutas Magnus University, Lithuania

Phenomenography  Senior fellow, PhD Sanela Lazarevski from Leeds Becket University, UK

Ethnography  Senior Lecturer & Senior Researcher, PhD Laura Purdy from Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, UK / Educational Research Institute, Vytatutas Magnus University, Lithuania

Methodological directions of writing qualitative research-based manuscripts  Professor & Head Researcher, PhD Vilma Zydziunaite from Educational Research Institute, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania / University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland

The summer school will be held in a format convenient for you – online. It means that you will reach us from at least one physical and geographical location where there is an Internet connection.

Please note and book important dates: 26-28 June 2024 for International Summer school on qualitative research at VMU.

Let’s meet soon.


                                                The information from Education Academy, Vytautas Magnus University