We invite to participate representatives of educational sciences, researchers, doctoral students, analysts, representatives of schools implementing  early school education  and pre-primary school education programs, representatives of municipal education departments and regional teacher education centers, representatives of families raising  early school and pre-school children, all, who  affected by changes in education policy and educational issues of the quality of educational research, the use of results for decision-making and the improvement of educational practice.

Date 27 of  January
Time 3.00-5.00 p.m.
Connecting links https://zoom.us/j/6289736970 (live broadcasting)
Moderators assoc. prof.  Rita Makarskaitė-Petkevičienė,  Institute of Educational Sciences, Vilnius University, Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association
prof. dr. Daiva Malinauskienė, Professor of Šiauliai Academy, Vilnius University
  Forum program
Introduction Laimutė Jankauskienė, Head of the Preschool and Primary Education Division of the General Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania
Keynote Transformations in Early Childhood Education: Why and How?”
prof. dr. Onutė Monkevičienė, Professor of the Academy of Education of Vytautas Magnus University
Discussion Discussion participants:
Vitalija Bujanauskienė, Director of Utena Education Center, Chairwoman of the General Education Council, President of the Lithuanian Association of Education Center Employees
prof. dr. Valentina Dagienė, Vilnius University
dr. Dalia Jakulytė, representative of the Western Parents’ Forum
assoc.prof. Sergejus Neifachas,  Academy of Education of Vytautas Magnus University, Director of Vilnius Kindergarten “Jurginėlis”
dr. Saulius Žukas, publisher and author of textbooks  of ” “Baltų lankų” textbooks”
Conclusion prof. dr. Liudmila Rupšienė, President of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association
prof. dr. Loreta Žadeikaitė, Chief Adviser of the Department of Studies, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania
Contact information e-mail. [email protected], tel. 8 686 39 529;
e-mail. [email protected], tel. 8 686 21 364.


About Keynote Speaker. 
Ona Monkevičienė
is a professor at the Department of Preschool and Primary Education of the Academy of Education of Vytautas Magnus University.
The professor has worked as the Head of the Pre-school and Primary Education Sector of the Education Development Center (1980–2003), Head of the Department of Childhood Studies at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (2004–2010), Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences (2011–2015).

She is the pioneer of the Lithuanian education reform – the head of the group preparing the Lithuanian concept of pre-school education for children (1989). Ona Monkevičienė has been actively involved in the preparation of educational documents regulating pre-school education since the beginning of the Lithuanian education reform – the Description of Achievements for Preschool Children (2014), Methodological Recommendations for the Preparation of the Pre-school Education Program (2006), Methodological Recommendations for Pre-school Education (2015) for the teacher “Play and Discoveries” (2021), head of the organizing groups.
Areas of the professor’s research interests  – the content of pre-school education, teacher training, inclusive education, universal design for learning. Together with Alvyra Galkienė, she is the author and author of the international scientific study ”Improving Inclusive Education through Universal Design for Learning” (Springer, 2021), and the collective monographs ”Challenges of Educational Paradigms for Didactics” (2014) and ”Inclusion in Socio-educational Frameworks: Inclusive School. Cases in Four European Countries” (2017). She publishes scientific articles in national and international periodical journals.