We invite doctoral students, representatives of educational sciences, researchers, educational practitioners and policy makers, all who are interested in improving the research of educology and the scientific  heritage  of professor B. Bitinas  to participate in the discussion dedicated to  Bronislovas Bitinas 95th birth anniversary.


Bronislovas Bitinas (1926-2018) – Lithuanian pedagogue, habilitated doctor of social sciences, undoubtedly the most prominent in the XXth century second half – XXI century. He is known as   meteorologist of early education studies in Lithuania. We can consider B. Bitinas the most prominent representative of post positivism in Lithuania. His areas of the research – philosophy of education, research methodology, educational theory, social pedagogy, application of mathematics in pedagogy, development of a computer data analysis system. He is a pioneer of the application of statistical methods in Lithuanian Education Science.

He wrote 240 scientific and methodological works. Under his supervision, more than 30 doctoral students successfully defended their doctoral thesis. B. Bitinas is a pioneer of new directions of educational research methodology, educational philosophy and development of hodegetics, having achieved a certain synthesis of them, establishing internal integration between individual branches of educational science as an effective paradigm of cognition and change of educational reality.


Data 28 January, 2022
Time 4.00-6.00p.m.
Links https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83358834518?pwd=bUZ5TldsZ3RKd2ExSDNTeTRPbWp3QT09
Meeting ID: 833 5883 4518
Passcode: 412408
Place of contact meeting with advance notice of arrival VMU, Academy of Education, Vilnius, 31 T.Ševčenkos , 222a.



prof. dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė, prof. dr. Liudmila Rupšienė
Greetings prof. habil. dr. Vilija Targamadze, Deputy Chair  of the  Education and Science Committee, Lithuanian Parliament.
prof. dr. Lina Kaminskienė, Chancellor of VMU Academy of Education
Introduction prof. dr. Liudmila Rupšienė.The Lag of Education Theory From the Needs of Educational Practice – Are we Able to Overcome the Crisis Today?
1 Disscussion Part
Moderators prof. dr. Irena Leliūgienė, doc. dr. Giedrė Misiūnienė
Disscussion Speech  prof. dr. Irena Leliugienė. The Relevance of professor B. Bitinas’s Renovation of Open School and Social Education Concepts to  Social and Community Education of Students in Today’s School
Discussors prof. dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė, assoc. prof. Auksė Petruškevičiūtė, prof. dr. Angelė Kaušylienė, dr. Agnė Liubertaitė, dr. Edita Trečiokienė
2 Disscussion Part
Moderators prof. dr. Vilma Žydžiūnaitė, prof. dr. Rūtenis Paulauskas
Disscussion Speech  prof.habil. dr. Vilma Žydžiūnaitė. Methodological Wisdom – not Practice, but Intellectual Skill:  The Intellectual Capital of prof. habil. dr. Bronislovas Bitinas – Methodological Wisdom.
Discussors assoc. prof. Aušra Rutkienė, dr. Vaida Jurgilė, assoc. prof.Edita Jezukevičienė
3 Disscussion Part
Moderators prof. dr. Romas Prakapas, doc. dr. Violeta Jegelevičienė
Disscussion Speech  prof. dr. Romas Prakapas. Professor Bronislovas Bitinas’ Reflections of Pedagogical Diagnostic Ideas in Today’s Educational Space
Discussors prof. dr. Ieva Kuginytė-Arlauskienė, prof. dr. Valdonė Indrašienė, prof. dr. Alvyra Galkienė
4 Disscussion Part
Moderators prof. dr. Aušra Kazlauskienė, prof. dr. Teodoras Tamošiūnas
Disscussion Speech  prof. dr. Aušra Kazlauskienė.  Learning From Professor B. Bitinas
at the Intersections and Vortexes of Life
Discussors prof. dr. R. Bilbokaitė, prof. dr. Ilona Klanienė, prof. P. Pečiuliauskienė, prof. dr. D. Survutaitė, assoc.prof. dr. Vaiva Grabauskienė, assoc. prof. Violeta Šlekienė, prof. D. Alifanovienė
Conclussion prof. hab. dr. Marija Barkauskaitė, prof. dr. Loreta Žadeikaitė
Contact Information prof.  dr. Loreta Žadeikaitė,  e-mail [email protected]tel. 8 686 21 364
prof. dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė, e-mail  [email protected], tel.: 8 685 44066
prof. dr. Romas Prakapas, e-mail  [email protected], tel.: 8 618 62544
prof.dr. Liudmila Rupšienė, e-mail [email protected], tel. 8 686 39529