January – February, 2022  an international discussion among experts in the field of education on the involvement of students in research-based learning projects was held Lithuanian and Latvian  researchers of Education Science are cooperating with gymnasium teachers in these countries to implement the project “Teachers & Researchers Networking for Inquiry-based learning”, which aims to expand the range of research methods used in schools.

Inquiry-based learning is directed towards the development of a creative, searching and not afraidable of the unknown person. “Inquiry based learning project, or R&D, is a step-by-step activity by a teacher with students to enable them to achieve a learning goal. The aim of R&D is to encourage searching, asking questions, creating, improving, discovering, presenting the result, reflecting individually and collaboratively, ”says the project manager dr. Natalia Ignatova.

For more information: https://lera.lt/apie-leta/leta-projektai/