Congratulations to the new PhD Rasa Kulevičienė on successfully defending her dissertation” “Conscious Returning on Learning: a Constructivist Grounded Theory of Empowering Primary School Students to Reflect on Learning in Lithuanian Language Classes” (Educational Science (S 007), supervisors: (2008-2015). (2008-2008) prof. dr. Dalia Kiliuvienė (Klaipėda University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007), (2015-2021) prof. dr. Liudmila Rupšienė (Klaipėda University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)), and acquiring the degree of Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of Education.

The dissertation is available in the libraries of Klaipėda University, Vytautas Magnus University and Vilnius University. The dissertation can available  at:

The  short annotation of the dissertation is presented below.

The dissertation, using a constructivist grounded theory approach according to K. Charmaz, presents a constructed theory of “conscious returning to  learning” based on empirical research data, which reveals how teachers enable primary school students to reflect on their learning in the Lithuanian language classroom, i.e. what instruments are offered and what processes are involved. The first part of the dissertation discusses the origins of philosophical reflection from Antiquity to the 20th century. The second part describes the research methodology (epistemology of constructivist grounded theory, sample, methods of data collection and analysis, ethics, limitations of the research, etc.). The third part presents the findings of the research – the categories and subcategories of grounded theory and the dimensions that characterise them. The fourth part presents the constructed theory of “conscious reflection on learning” and reveals what it is in the context of the main theories of reflection and reflexivity in learning of the XX-XXI century. In the discussion part, the findings of the empirical research are discussed in relation to philosophers’ and scientists’ ideas about reflection and empowerment to reflect. It describes the novelty of the theory of “conscious returning to  learning” and provides recommendations for authors of publications for teaching Lithuanian language, developers of online learning environments, digital tools and platforms, and primary school teachers.

Dissertation Defense Council:

Chair- prof. dr. Rūta Girdzijauskienė (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Klaipėda University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
prof. dr. Daiva Jakavonytė-Staškuvienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
prof. dr. Aušra Kazlauskienė (Vilnius University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
prof. dr. Polyxeni Pange (University of Ioannina, Greece, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
dr. Eglė Pranckūnienė (University of Klaipėda, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)