Congratulations to the new doctor Jelena Vildžiūnienė on the successful defence of her doctoral dissertation “The Effect of Pedagogical Strategies on the Development of Metacognitive Monitoring and Control in Children aged 5-7″ (Education Science (S 007), supervisor prof. dr. Ona Monkevičienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)) and on acquiring  the  doctoral degree of Social Sciences in the field of Education.

The dissertation is available at:
Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian National M. Mažvydas Library.

The dissertation is available  at  11 Studentų  St, Academia, Kaunas district, Lithuania.

 A short annotation is presented below. 

The dissertation analyses the impact of pedagogical strategies on the development of metacognitive monitoring and control of 5-7-year-old children. The theoretical part presents the concept of different levels of the metacognition construct, which underpins the metacognitive self-regulation occurring in the individual, i.e. i.e. mental, level, and metacognitive regulation, which takes place at the level of social interactions and at the level of interactions with the environment. Based on the conducted research, systematized 5-7 years are presented. signs of expression of metacognitive monitoring and control performed by children of the age. The rationale for four pedagogical strategies based on explicit and implicit access, metacognition development through individual learning and social interactions is presented. The methodology part discusses the mixed methods approach chosen for the empirical study, convergent parallel design, data collection and analysis methods, research ethics. In the part of the research results, the signs of the individual and shared construction of metacognitive monitoring and control in children’s interpersonal interactions revealed during the course of empirical research are revealed. A quantitative study on the effectiveness of pedagogical strategies used by educators in the development of 5-7 year olds is presented. metacognitive monitoring and control of children in the natural educational process, results. The results of a qualitative study revealing children’s ability to identify and verbalize some cognitive processes, aspects of metacognitive monitoring and control are presented.

Dissertation Defense Council:

Chairprof. dr. Lina Kaminskienė, social sciences, education S 007, Vytautas the Great University, Academy of Education.
prof. dr. Daiva Malinauskienė, social sciences, education S 007, Vilnius University, Šiauliai Academy,
prof. dr. Tija Zirina, social sciences, psychology S 006, University of Latvia,
prof. dr. Daiva Jakavonytė-Staškuvienė, social sciences, education S 007, Vytautas Magnus University, Academy of Education,
Assoc. prof. Milda Brėdikytė, social sciences, education S 007, Vytautas Magnus University.