According to  the Decree of the President of the Republic of Lithuania of 5 July 2022 “On Awarding Orders and Medals of the State of Lithuania”, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania was awarded  Palmira Jucevičienė, a professor of the Kaunas University of Technology,  a  habilitated professor with a doctoral degree, the initiator of the founding  Lithuanian Educational Research Association, a developer of the science of education in Lithuania, and   an initiator and an implementer of innovative ideas in Lithuanian educational institutions. 

Photo from the website of the Lithuanian Presidency:
(photographer Robertas Dačkus).

We thank the Professor for the innovative scientific ideas, the development of the science of education, the mobilisation of the scientific community and the creation of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association, the education of young scientists and for her constant concern for the strengthening of the science of education.

We are happy together with you and your family for this honorable award!