The LERA community warmly congratulates LERA Board Member prof. dr. Lilija Duoblienė on becoming the winner of the 2022 Meilė Lukšienė Prize for Scientists. We wish her inexhaustible creative energy, health, joy and to keep delighting us with great discoveries for a long time.

The 2022 Meilė Lukšienė Prize has been awarded to prof. habil. dr. Jūrata Baranova (posthumously) and prof. dr. Lilija Duoblienė for the series of papers “Philosophy of Education for Lithuania: Promoting Cultural Literacy and Philosophy in Schools (2014-2022)” (presented by Vilnius University).


The results of the authors’ eight years of research are rich: four monographs (some of them published by prestigious foreign publishers), a joint educational book for teachers, joint scientific publications in international scientific journals, and individual scientific publications in international collective monographs (more than thirty articles). Both theoretical works and publications are oriented towards practical application, integrated around a common theme, where philosophy, culture, art, education and school are integrally intertwined.

The series of works contributes significantly to the strengthening of the foundations of the humanities in Lithuanian schools and is in harmony with the humanistic education fostered by Meilė Lukšienė. The series of works by prof. habil. dr. J. Baranova and prof. dr. L. Duoblienė is original and innovative, highly complex, and has an important applied character. A system of multimodal education and philosophical teaching methods has been developed, and textbooks and teaching aids on ethics and philosophy have been developed and are widely used in the Lithuanian education system.

The authors’ works remain fundamental for the development of philosophical awareness and reflection on cultural phenomena among Lithuanian students. It should be noted that the results of the research and their discussion go beyond the boundaries of the national scientific community and have been widely presented in international publications, which undoubtedly indicates their exceptionally high scientific level.

The research presented by professors Baranova and Duobliene is like a response to Meilė Lukšienė’s ideas. Unfortunately, the COVID – 19 cut short the life thread of Prof. habil. dr. Jūratė Baranova. It is to be welcomed that prof. Lilija Duoblienė and her colleagues are continuing research in this field.

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