Congratulations to dr. Yang Yuqing  after  successfully  defending of the doctoral dissertation:  Overcoming Boundaries: The Experience of Socio – Cultural Integration of Chinese International Students in Lithuania (Vytautas Magnus University, Academy of Education, S 007), Supervisors – prof. dr. Kristina Stankevičienė; prof. Dr. Jolanta Lasauskienė.

The dissertation is available at : Vytautas Magnus University, Klaipėda University, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius University, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
The dissertation is available at: 11 Studentų  St., Academy, Kaunas district.


A  brief summary is presented below:

The dissertation “Overcoming Boundaries: Chinese International Students’ Sociocultural Integration Experiences in Lithuania” seeks to better understand how Chinese international students perceive their personal sociocultural integration experiences in Lithuania and what challenges they face in a Lithuanian-speaking context. The qualitative case study revealed that the socio-cultural integration challenges experienced by Chinese international students in Lithuania are related to limited foreign language skills, lack of knowledge of Lithuanian culture, lack of communication with university students and Lithuanian residents, and the difficulties of living independently in a new country (dormitory rules and their observance, eating habits, climate conditions). The socio-cultural integration of Chinese international students in Lithuania is manifested in the perspective of the short “honeymoon”, culture shock (adaptation) and transformation (positive integration) phases. Positive integration is characterised by the actualisation of understanding of socio-cultural phenomena, experiences, participation in socio-cultural and musical activities.

Dissertation Defense Council:

Chair- prof. dr. Vilma Žydžiūnaitė (Vytautas Magnus University, Social Sciences, Education S 007)
prof. dr. Remigijus Bubnys (Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy, social sciences, educology S 007)
prof. dr. David G. Hebert (West Norwegian University of Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Education S 007)
assoc. prof. Loreta Chodzkienė (Vilnius University, Social Sciences, Education S 007)
assoc. prof.  Rasa Nedzinskaitė-Mačiūnienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Social Sciences, Education S 007)