Congratulations to dr. Irma Lubertienė after successfully defending her doctoral thesis Educational Factors that Create Children’s well-Being at School: the Voice of teachers (Education, S 007, scientific supervisor – assoc. prof. Sergejus Neifachas) and after obtaining a PhD in Social Sciences in the field of Education.

The annotation of the dissertation is presented below.

In the doctoral dissertation “Educational Factors Creating Children’s Well-Being at School: the Voice of Teachers” the concept of children’s well-being and the modeling of the contexts of its expression in school are explored. The description of the concepts of well-being and the reconstruction of meanings in the discourse of scientific approaches are analyzed: the development of the concept of well-being from the point of view of health sciences is explored; revealed the concept of well-being in psychology; defined concept of well-being in the perspective of educational sciences. The components of children’s well-being that determine social educational processes at school are also discussed, the content and expression contexts of educational factors that create children’s well-being at school are modeled, and a theoretical-empirical model of creating children’s well-being at school is compiled. A study of educational factors and their relationship with children’s well-being at school was conducted from the point of view of teachers of general education schools (sample N = 514). The object of research is the relationship between educational factors and elements of children’s well-being. The research used a survey questionnaire based on the theoretical approach of the model of children’s well-being at school, applying three instruments measuring educational factors and one instrument assessing children’s well-being at school (teacher survey). The questionnaire was made up of 4 diagnostic blocks that reveal the constructs of teachers’ personal well-being, school community well-being, development of skills relevant to children’s well-being, and children’s well-being in the eyes of teachers. Research methods: systematic analysis, synthesis, interpretation and evaluation of scientific literature; quantitative survey and statistical data analysis. The study reveals a model for predicting the development of children’s well-being at school from the perspective of educational factors.

Dissertation Defense Council:

Chair – prof.  habil. dr. Vilma Žydžiūnaitė (Vytautas Magnus University, Social sciences, Education, S 007)
prof. dr. Ona Monkevičienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
prof. dr. Romas Prakapas (Mykolas Romeris University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
prof. dr. Rita Vaičekauskaitė (University of Klaipėda, Social Sciences, Education, S 007)
assoc. prof. Aušra Rutkienė (Vytautas Magnus  University, Social Sciences, Education, S 007).