The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Educational Research Association, organised the 18th Education Forum “The Future of Lithuanian General Education Schools” for representatives of educational sciences, researchers, doctoral students, heads of general education schools, and educational policy makers: What Will We Count: Do  We Calculate or Imagine?”. According to the organiSers of the forum, this topic should concern everyone who is interested in changes in education policy, general education and education research.

The  key-note of this forum “The Future of the Lithuanian General Education School. What Will We Count: Do We Calculate or Imagine?” presented prof. dr. Lilija Duoblienė ( professor of the Institute of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University). The professor’s field of research includes educational philosophy and ideology, cultural innovations and cultural encounters in education, and her research is based on critical pedagogy, postmodern and posthumanist approaches. The researcher’s report was prepared according to the project “Futuristic Projections of the General Education School” financed by the Research Council of Lithuania. 
Prof. dr. L. Duoblienė indicated several reasons why the future should be considered in general. According to her, it gives an opportunity to see alternatives, the direction of movement, allows one to tame uncertainty and gain a sense of security. Such considerations also help to recruit potentially floating ideas or imagination, plan and develop activities, and prepare for crisis management.
The insights of the research carried out by the research group crystallized into four possible scenarios of the future comprehensive school. The speaker identified them as the school of eco-care, the school of exclusions, learning for the market and the school of individual meanings.

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