The National Education Agency (NEA), in cooperation with the Lithuanian Educational Research Association (LERA), organised an education forum “Challenges for Education and Training in the Anthropocene Epoch –  What Should We Focus on?”. It brought together education and education researchers, doctoral students, teachers, education and social policy makers, school leaders, members of teachers’ associations and non-governmental organisations, teachers, and representatives of other professions concerned with the problems of contemporary education to discuss aspects of the value-laden relationship of human beings to the current geological epoch in the context of educational development.

Dr. Sandra Kairė, Director of the Institute of Educational Sciences, Vilnius University, in her keynote  speech “What is the Anthropocene?” gave a brief introduction to the Anthropocene, described the context of its problems, and gave insights into what is most emphasised in the context of education when talking about the Anthropocene epoch. She also described the concept of the Anthropocene, discussed the relationship between man and technology in the current world, and stressed that humanity has entered a new epoch, the Anthropocene, where a new self-understanding of humanity as a species is emerging, with a focus on humanity becoming a physically proliferating species that is no longer acting individually but geologically.

Dr. S. Kairė reviewed how humanity’s transition from a biological to a geological actor has taken place, pointing out that humanity’s transformation from a biological to a geological actor is inevitably linked to technology and its use. According to the speaker, although the Anthropocene has placed a strong emphasis on the relationship between humans and nature, technology inevitably intervenes in this relationship. Dr. Asta Ranonytė, moderator of the Forum
Ata Ranonianto invited the panellists to think about the triad of man, technology and nature and their interrelationship, to reflect on this in the context of education, to discuss what relationship we should strive for, and to discuss how education and education could reduce the destruction of humanity as a geological actor. An intense discussion took place. Full  video of the discussion of the Education Forum “Challenges for Education and Training in the Anthropocene – What Should We Focus?”  can be viewed at

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