The Lithuanian Educational Research Association (LERA) collected and transferred 630 euros of financial support to the Ukrainian Educational Research Association (UERA) for a member to participate in the ECER 2023 conference. Thank you to everyone who remained indifferent and contributed to this. Thank you!

The President of the UERA  on behalf of the Ukrainian Educational Research Association expresses her sincere gratitude for your support.

Dear LERA members,

On behalf of members of Ukrainian Educational Research Association, I would like to thank you for your support that is focused on the participation of Ukrainian academics in European Conference on Educational Research 2023. It is true that we are facing real hardships today. It not easy not just to stay afloat but to keep on doing educational research, teach students, work on projects and develop. However, thanks to your support and understanding, we become more confident as we know that we, Ukrainians, are not alone in our fight for freedom. Our common soviet legacy is the burden we are throwing off our shoulders. Today we are taking a lot of effort to ensure that our children will live in free democratic world which is a privilege worth fighting for. It is important that the voice of Ukrainian educational researchers should be heard by international academic community and your generous contribution will help it to happen.

Kind regards,

Prof. Oksana Zabolotna,
President of Ukrainian Educational Research
Association, Professor of Pavlo Tychyna
Uman State Pedagogical University

The full letter of thanks can be found by clicking on the following link: