We announce the program of the 7th LERA conference. Also we are kindly remind you that until this year October 8th (without  announcements) registration for 2023 at Kaunas University of Technology is underway. October 12-13 the 7th conference of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association (LERA) “EDUCATION AND TRAINING: THE VALUE OF DIVERSITY“, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association. On the first day of the conference, the president of the European Educational Research Association, prof. Dr. Marit Honerød Hoveid. We invite you to actively register and create a science festival together!

LERA Conference programme

You can also find it on the LERA website:  https://lera.lt/en/lera-conferences/lera-2023-conference/, Menu: LERA conferences -LERA 2023 conference – Conference programme. 

The conference is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association.

12 – 13 October,  2023,  37 A. Mickevičiaus  St. , 44244 Kaunas, Aula – 202 a.

In the 21st century, many forms of socio-cultural diversity are increasingly being recognised and incorporated into education and educational practice, including both the  education content and educational research itself. While this is a complex and controversial topic, it is also a force for change in society. In the context of contemporary education and training, diversity often includes, but is not limited to, issues such as ethnicity, disability, gender and sexuality, age, religion, language, geography (place), and culture. All of these existing forms of diversity have undeniable implications for curricula, pedagogical strategies, leadership, educational culture, etc. In fact, the entire education system is built on diversity: from the different educational theories and approaches to analyse, apply and implement models of education and assessment, to the diversity of methods and methodologies in educational research; from pre-school and primary education to higher education. Diversity simultaneously creates tensions but also challenges us to create a positive outlook, i.e. to exploit the potential that diversity brings us. Education and  training researchers, practitioners and policy-makers are therefore increasingly confronted with the following questions: what are the implications of diversity for education and  training  processes; what are the challenges of diversity in education and  training practice and research; how can education research help to address the challenges posed by increasing diversity and its forms, what is the need for and role of such research; what are the roles of practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers in these processes?

The first day of the conference (12th of  October) is dedicated to plenary presentations, scientific debates and other joint activities. The proceedings will take place in a contact mode at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts of Kaunas University of Technology (37 A. Mickevičiaus  St. , 44244 Kaunas, Aula – 202).

The second day of the conference (13th of  October) will be dedicated to breakout sessions; breakout sessions are planned in two sessions of 1.5 hours each, with oral and poster presentations and discussions.

All sessions are scheduled to take place “live” at Kaunas University of Technology, with the exception of the roaming sessions, which can be accessed remotely. The exact locations of the breakout sessions and the login information for the remote session will be included in the final conference programme.

The deadline for registering for the conference with a presentation and, if necessary, for adjusting the title of the presentation is 25th of September , 2023. For participants without a presentation, registration is open until 8 October 2023:




For more information: https://lera.lt/leta-konferencijos/ugdymas-ir-svietimas-ivairoves-verte/