We invite representatives of educational sciences, researchers, representatives of general education and higher education institutions, municipalities, educational practitioners, educational policy makers, representatives of non-governmental organizations, all those interested in inclusion in education to participate.

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Forum registration is  over.  Login links will be sent to registered forum members. However, the forum will be able to follow the  Education, Sport  and Science  on youtube channel.  In addition, the forum will be recorded and a link to the post will be posted on the LERA website

Login links will be sent to registered forum members.

The forum will be translated from English into Lithuanian, from Lithuanian into English and into Lithuanian sign languages. The translation of the forum from English into Lithuanian is funded by the Erasmus + project “Assumptions for Transforming the Educational Process in Different Educational Contexts Using Inclusive Education Strategies”. The translation of the forum into Lithuanian Sign Language is organized by the Lithuanian Sign Language Translation Center.