The Educational Forum „A UNESCO Vision for Quality of Education for All, Lifelong Learning UNESCO Vision : Approaching or Moving Away from It?”

The record of the Educational forum  on Youtube :

The welcome speech was given by prof.dr. Lina Kaminskienė (Chancellor of the Academy of Education of Vytautas Magnus University). The  announcements were given by the researchers of the Academy of Education  of Vytautas Magnus University doc. dr. Ramutė Bruzgelevičienė, doc. dr. Agnė Brandišauskienė, doc. dr. Jūratė Česnavičienė, dr. Rasa Nedzinskaitė-Mačiūnienė. In the discussion participated Vaidas Bacys (Director of Dubysa Aukstupio School), Virginija Būdienė (Director of Vilnius Institute of Political Analysis, Associate Professor of Partnership, VU Faculty of Philosophy), dr. Agnė Kudarauskienė  ( Vice -Minister of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania), Elena Leontjeva (President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Chairwoman of the Council) prof. dr. Laimutė Žalimienė, (Professor, Institute of Sociology and Social Work, Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University). The closing speech was given by prof. dr. Liudmila Rupšienė (President of the Lithuanian Educational Research Association) and prof. dr. Loreta Žadeikaitė (Chief Adviser of the Science, Studies and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education and Science).