The Lecture of the Year or Lectio prima „The Suitcase of an Educated Man: Fire, Water, Humiliation, Dignity?” will be read by Julija Tuleikytė on the 4 th of January, 10 a.m. 

Dr. Julija Tuleikytė is a lecturer in philosophy and a junior researcher at Vilnius University. She is currently pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship on „Paulo Freire and Zygmunt Bauman: Education as (de) Humanization”. 2017 defended his dissertation „The Problem of Adiaforation in the Social Philosophy of Zygmunt Bauman”. 2012 and 2013 internship at the Baumann Institute at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. 2006 as a teacher volunteered at Namatanda Teacher Training College in Mozambique. She has completed professional pedagogical studies and worked as a teacher in Lithuanian schools for three years.

Main areas of academic interest: social philosophy, critical pedagogy, globalization.