Congratulations to dr. Skaistė Kovienė after successfully defending her doctoral dissertation at the Vilnius University Academy of Education Expression and Organisation of Parent-Centered Pedagogical Education in the Activity of Pre-School Education Institution (Scientific supervisor – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rima Bakutytė (Vilnius University, Social Sciences, Education – S 007). Scientific consultant – Prof. Dr. Daiva Malinauskienė (Vilnius University, Social Sciences, Education) – S 007).) She has  acquired a doctoral degree in Social Science – Education.

The dissertation is available in the libraries of Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Sports University and on the VU website at: The dissertation is available at: and here is presented a short summary below.

The concept of parental pedagogical education is theoretically based on the dissertation research aimed at analysing the expression and organization of parental pedagogical education in the activities of pre-school education institution, enabling educational conditions: innovative forms of teacher cooperation with parents, the content of parental pedagogical education meeting the needs of parents, and the role of the teacher.

A qualitative research was carried out using the content analysis of pre-school education curricula, structured interviews with the parents of children attending pre-school education institutions orally and with pre-school education institution teachers in written. The analysis of the content of pre-school education institution curricula revealed the pedagogical education of parents contextualized in the programs, the directions of interaction between parents and teachers, and the attention to the satisfaction of parents’ needs and their involvement in children’s education. The content analysis of parents’ experiences highlighted the expectations of parents towards pedagogical education, enabling educational conditions and involvement in the activities of pre-school education institution, as well as the areas for improvement in parents’ pedagogical education: the systematic nature of parental pedagogical education, communication and, especially, cooperation with teachers and forms of parental education. The analysis of teachers’ experiences showed the situation of parental pedagogical education and parents’ involvement / engagement in pre-school educational activities in ordinary and atypical situations, highlighted the gaps in pedagogical preparation of parents, allowed to identify opportunities for improving parental pedagogical education by applying innovations.

Dissertation Defense Council:

Chairman – doc. dr. Erika Masiliauskienė (Vilnius University, Social Sciences, Education – S 007),
prof. dr. Brigita Janiūnaitė (Kaunas University of Technology, Social Sciences, Education, – S 007),
prof. dr. Velta Lubkina (Rēzekne Academy of Technology, Social Sciences, Education – S 007),
prof. dr. Romualdas Malinauskas (Lithuanian Sports University, Social Sciences, Education – S 007),
prof. habil. dr. Vilija Targamadze (Vilnius University, Social Sciences, Education, – S 007).