A conference-discussion of the network of seniors organized by the Lithuanian Educational Research Association (LERA) and the Alumni Society of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU) dedicated to the International Teachers’ Day took place.

The conference, which was led and moderated by prof. Rita Aleknaitė Bieliauskienė, the program provided for 5 presentations. These are: 1.VVPI Rector-Emeritus prof. Jonas Aničas “Talented teachers in my life”; 2. VPU-LEU prof. Jonas Dautaras “Teachers Enlightened at the Pedagogical Institute of the Republic in Klaipėda”; 3. VPU-LEU prof. Juozas Uzdila’s „Writing the History of the Gymnasium as an Adventure”; 4. VPU-LEU doc. Stanislovas Jankevičius “Historical Aspects of Teacher Education”; 5. Edita Jaraminienė, director of Vilnius Choral Singing School Liepaitė, “Topicalities of Music and Art Schools”. Due to the unfavorable circumstances (illness, injuries, etc.), two speakers: doc. S. Jankevičius and director E. Jaraminienė did not attend the conference, but doc. S. Jankevičius sent the text of the report, which was decided to be included in the conference proceedings.

More information: https://lera.lt/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Senjorutinklokonferencija.pdf